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Distressed Denim jeans. Still the bee's knees and still in fashion.

Distressed jeans seem to have been rediscovered by the mainstream back in 2008. It has stood the test of over a decade to show that it's not just a fad. It really looks like distressed denim has become a generational style. But fashion trends change, and how we wear our denim does too, and so now in 2020 you may be wondering how to wear your jeans. I'll show you, its easy, its comfortable, and it's fashion anyone can afford.

Ripped Denim was a fashion breakthrough that changed the way we wear jeans. It allowed us to show off some skin in outfits that would otherwise be too modest and boring. It forms a basis of the laid-back style that many of us enjoy while still allowing us to have the illusion of having gone to great lengths to dress up. Tears aren't just for looks either, by creating them strategically in spots that would normally be tight or even chafe, we can have a more comfortable ride with them. Denim goes great with just about everything, but there's several combinations that you can combine them with that will make you look like a million bucks.


Let's talk shoes with your distressed denim. There are several different directions you can go.

Dressed up:

Wanna look a bit more dressy? Think heels. Yes, few women have the first thought of mixing heels with jeans but this is very fashionable right now.

Heels also work to boost your booty which is a great way to use your distressed jeans as a form of shapewear. This works especially well with high-waisted jeans. Heels also can contrast really well to the color of your jeans and really bring out the skin tones of your feet, and draw attention to your shoes.

Dressed casual:

Aim for either sandals or sneakers with these utilitarian pants. The outfit you wear should never come before comfort and being able to get away with wearing sneakers is a wonderful perk of using your denim the way it was meant to be worn. You can looks really laid back and casual without stepping over the line into trashy with a decent pair of sandals or sneakers.

Want to step the sexiness up a notch? Wear your bikini top with your distressed denim when you'd be pushing it wearing a full bathing suit. It's cool, its hot, it screams casual and wild.

Now look below at my choices of some of the best value you can find on Amazon when it comes to distressed denim.

My top picks for distressed denim jeans.

At the premium end of things is this wonderful pair of jeans from Resfeber. This is very fashionable and as you can see it's even being worn as I said with sandals to create a very relaxed look.

Levi's, the popularizer brand of denim jeans has created some wonderful quality jeans. This is Levi's Women's 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans. Very fashionable and modest, these jeans have some excellent fray. The basis for these jeans though is the long-lasting quality that we've come to expect from Levi's.

Vibrant has a wonderful series of severely distressed denim jeans. These are a great choice if you want more tears than some of the other options. This is also a great way to show off your legs and your beach tan.

As a budget option that can also look great is this pair of jeans from Sexyshine. Their destroyed look is fantastic for showing off your legs and going for that slightly edgier look.

How do you wear your jeans? Share with me in the comments or message me on Facebook and Instagram. I'd love to see and hear your styles and tips.

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