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Do you need matching Panties and Bra if you want to be in style?

Updated: May 18, 2020

Do you need to have a pair of matching bra and panties if you want to be in style in the year 2020? Well according to Google, you should be matching your bra and panties. But is it the truth though or is it just big brands telling you what you want to hear so they can make big bucks off you? Well read on because today I'm going to tell you if matching your bra and panties is in fashion in the year 2020.

Do you need to have a set of matching bra and panties?

Ok, well lets face it. Matching bra with panties definitely wins points for sophistication and class. The majority of people have a tendency to want to wear matching things. Lots of you have learned to match bags with your shoes, or your nails and lipstick, or even your blazers with your pants. Matching stuff just feels more fancy, more luxurious. I think that's why a lot of people feel more confident and accepted when wearing matching clothes.

So the moment some influencer says that we should be matching one item with another it becomes a rule. For better or worse that rule can stay alive longer than most fashion trends. As an example, back in the 50s women started to match bags with their shoes thanks to some ad agency that was trying to boost handbag sales.

Now you'd think that reach and influencers are going to make things different today because of the nature of bras and panties. How many people will see what underwear you are wearing? There shouldn't be the same pressure fashion wise when it comes to choosing lingerie. You should be able to wear any bra and panties you want(or even no underwear at all.) right?But it's not because we see what fashion influencers wear on Instagram and at the end of the day everyone orders the same matching lingerie set.

Image by Lisa Runnels

So is wearing a matching bra and panties the style of 2020?

Yes, wearing a set of matching bra and panties seems to be the trend of 2020. This isn't because every influencer is wearing that Gucci All Over underwear set. Remember that they are getting paid for it. At least that's not the only reason why. The trend of matching lingerie was set during the SS20 fashion month before most of the influencers jumped on that bandwagon. So matching lingerie will be a big fashion trend through the year 2020.

If you like this trend, scroll below to see the most fashionable lingerie sets of this season.

1. Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Bralette and Bikini Set

This may be the ultimate lazy day lingerie set. At only $37 you're getting a good deal with this matching set.

2. Lace Plunge Push Up Bra Set by PurpleGrape

You'll feel so confident in this knowing that under your dress is something anyone would admire seeing you in.

3. Lace Bra Set by Ufairy.

This will look nice on anyone. It's the perfect colors to compliment anyone's skin. Plus the design looks so fancy. But you're probably thinking that this is going to run you a lot of money right. Not even! For less than $20 you can have this set. They also have several different styles to choose from.

4. Satin Underwire Bra and Matching Panties by Leg Avenue

Leg Avenue needs no introduction. Their lingerie is some of the most comfortable I've worn. This is the most expensive set on my list, however the quality and style is the best as well. You are still getting a killer deal for a killer look. Black is timeless so wear this with anything you already have.

I'll have more matching panties and bras soon. And I will have some great styling trends to follow.

Let me say this again. Your bra and panties should be matched in 2020. This is way more than just a fashion trend for the spring a summer. By the way, I'm very interested in your opinion. Does having a matching bra and panties make you feel more "put together?" Do you match your bras and panties by color, or by print? What about brand or type of material? I'm dying to know what your fashion sense tells you.


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