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Fishnets in 2020? This isn't your typical spring outfit.

If only fishnets were fashionable again, but they aren't, and they will probably never be. fishnet tights are not in style for 2020. At least not enough to buy a new pair. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try something extreme. If you don't have any stockings besides fishnets you can still use them. I did!

Check out my shorts. I picked these bad boys up a few weeks ago, and now they are my favorite pair of shorts I've ever owned. I was leery at first about these shorts, after all, they're high waisted. On the other hand though having had my baby less than a year ago I still had some stomach that I didn't want to look pouched. Thanks to these shorts my faith in high waisted pants and shorts has been restored. I will certainly be buying more.

I put this outfit together with the base being my fishnet stockings. I wanted to go for the alt/scene look. It's edgy, it's provocative, it's a look that no one else besides goths and club dancers are willing to touch. Well I'm here to take it back. Fishnets totally go well with frayed denim shorts.

It's still chilly out and there's nothing wrong with using a simple sweater and tank-top like this to juxtapose the super short shorts and bare legs. I think it's a sort of oxymoron I have going on here, I like it.

Boots like these with a heel are totally a compliment to fishnets because they push into the punk look. This screams 90s throwback to me. Bowling For Soup concerts here I come!

This throwback to the 90s look must be used with some care. You run a lot of risks doing it. But the rewards can be some heads turning, maby a little nostalgia. Nostalgia for that first high school crush that was trying to stand out as older than the other girls, screaming, "I'm edgier!" You totally need to dust off your trapper keeper and try out this look. It's cool, it's edgy, and it's darn easy.

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