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Hi and welcome to my blog.

It's a new dawn for me here. I've bought a website, and I'm a girl on a mission. I'm transitioning from being a successful model to now starting out on my own. It's scary, its exciting, and it's just really freaking cool to be my own boss. As things get going I'll be working with people in my online community so that we can help build each other up. Feel free to send me messages with your ideas and thoughts.

So let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm Amanda, I used to just be a model that worked in Mid-Michigan. Several Magazines have used me in their work. I was raised in Midland, Michigan and love all this state has to offer. I'm a mother and have a great guy in my life. I created this site with just a little bit of help and now I'm starting to piece everything together so that I can start posting on it regularly.

My hope is to create my own fashion blog and social media presence. I want to bring information and knowledge to you about sensible and affordable fashion. Being cheap doesn't mean being tacky. There are a lot of very rewarding products, fashions, and places that will give you a great return for your money.

As a mother myself, I understand how hard it is to keep family financed balanced while trying to find time for yourself. That's why I figure this is a great place to share my experience and maby a little bit of wisdom too.

We'll learn, together we'll grow. Join me for this exciting new step in my life.

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